Animals and their effect on us humans

For us humans and especially children, contact with animals is very valuable. It lets us forget everyday life, brings peace and relaxation. Horses and pets like dogs make us want to get out and exercise. Dealing with them makes a lot of friends and promotes social skills such as a sense of responsibility, consideration and helpfulness. Even small animals often serve children as comforters and conversation partners who always listen to them. Animals are sensitive, sense human mood and respond to it. Their warmth and calmness can immediately instill confidence and reassurance.

Our animals



horses (nick)

Nicke is the boss of our little herd, which he leads with his endearing charm and composure. Although he is very big and strong, young and old fall in love with him immediately.


horse (lucas)

Lucas is Nicke's old friend and is spending his old age on Risebo. He is the secret star on the farm, as he often roams the grounds freely and sometimes even pays a visit to the camping area, which is always a highlight, especially for our little guests.


Icelandic horse

Our Icelandic Frodi is very good-natured and sensitive. It is perfect for children to ride. But he also has no problem carrying adults.

Donkey Is-Ah and Yum-Yum

Our donkey lady Is-Ah is very sweet and well suited to riding and leading small children.
Yum-Yum is still young and headstrong, as is typical for donkeys.
There's a good chance you'll be greeted with a loud "Eeyore" when you visit the stable!

horses that are groomed

Our horses are all very good-natured and love to be groomed by children and, of course, to be ridden. Risebo has its own paths that allow safe driving without traffic.

small animals


rabbits eating

Guinea pig

Guinea pigs in the stable



our dogs (Emmy and Ida)

Our dogs Emmy and Ida. Although they watch over the farm, they have a big heart for children.


our cat Hugo

Hugo is a real wild cat and keeps disappearing into nature for months. Although believed dead several times, he has always reappeared.

our cat Willy

Willy is a young tomcat and can usually be found somewhere on Risebo together with his girlfriend Lille Katt. He loves to climb trees.

our cat Lille Katt

Lille Katt is Willy's girlfriend and enjoys the outdoors on Risebo, having previously lived in a city apartment.

Your own animal on Risebo

If you would like to take your dog or other animals with you to Risebo, please let us know when making the booking request. This way we can ensure that everything you need is ready when you arrive.