Risebo is an old Kronofisk facility with 20 lakes, 4 of which have good access, particularly for rainbow trout. Also good for fly fishing. In the other lakes there are pike, perch, tench etc.

Children can try their luck at fishing at the "Knattedamm".

Please note:

We took over Risebo Gård from Risebo Fritid AB at the end of November 2021. The lakes belong to a forestry company from which Risebo had leased the fishing rights for years.
The boats, jetties, paths around the lakes and toilet facilities are currently not in the condition that we would like to offer our guests. Furthermore, no agreement has yet been reached for a new lease. Therefore fishing in Risebo is not possible at the moment.

Please do not transfer money for fishing permits to Risebo Fritid AB!

We are aware that many people would like to go fishing in Risebo again and we are doing everything we can to make this possible again as soon as possible.
This requires a lot of effort and also major investments. At the moment our focus is on expanding everything on and around the farm and making it an unforgettable experience for our guests. Fishing will be one of the next goals.
All news on this topic will be published immediately here.
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If you have any further questions about fishing, please contact us at:
phone +46 (0)70-165 80 20
E-mail: info@risebogard.com

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